Top tips for HSST trainees

  • Know your timetable.
    • Find out and plot when you are at university, when you are being assessed, all your research deadlines and any other assessment deadlines such as ARP, FRCPath, IAPS.
  • Cascade learning from university back into your department and use it to inform new activities in your department.
  • Use assessments from university to drive departmental development.
  • Look for synergies in aspects of the training.
  • Consider need for ethical approval for research work as early as you can.
  • Have regular documented reflective review meetings. Always set dates for the next meeting and try to stick to them.
  • Make use of the Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) and reflect on it.
  • Find new opportunities within and outside your role and make the most of them.

Watch the video below in which four HSST trainees, from different specialisms, share a number of tips for trainees and their departments about how to make HSST work for them, to the benefit of both trainees and departments.