Training planning for HSST trainees


Your training plan will hold key information that you need to know in one place. The plan will map how you will meet the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) Higher Specialist Scientist Standards of Proficiency and cross-reference to the specialty HSST curriculum.

The HSST programme is very bespoke. The plan should be reviewed regularly and will change over the 5 years. No two plans will be the same as they will be tailored to your needs and experience.

Your workplace supervisors should work with you to produce and review the training plan regularly. The training plan should be flexible with an awareness of deadlines. There should be some flexibility for the department’s commitments and your personal circumstances. There should be a detailed plan for the next 6 months/one year and an overall plan for 5 years.

It is important to review your progress against the training plan. This should be done collaboratively, giving you a chance to reflect on your learning.

What should be included in my training plan?

  • workplace training opportunities and when they will be available
  • workplace activities mapped to the HSST curriculum and to the Academy’s Standards of Proficiency
  • annual review of progression (ARP)
  • academic courses, assessments and workshops
  • research and innovation project timeline – Ethical, R&D approval, Literature Review, Lay Presentation, Writing up, Viva and corrections
  • other assessment timelines – FRCPath, IAPS, CEng
  • workplace commitments – UKAS, IQIPS, Restructuring, Relocation