Examples of evidence


Evidence of relevant workplace-based activity can be generated from the following types of activity:

  • appraisals
  • audit meeting minutes showing your contribution
  • patient day presentations
  • user survey analyses
  • turn-around time reviews
  • relevant publications
  • quality meeting minutes showing your contribution
  • directorate meetings attendance and reflections
  • audits conducted
  • non-conformity investigations
  • MDT minutes showing your contribution
  • final assessment station writing and assessing
  • professional body committee meetings
  • exam board meetings
  • lectures/seminars/tutorials given and reflection
  • clinic visits and reflections
  • case-based discussions
  • complex case presentations
  • summary and reflection on bleep cases
  • public engagement and patient events
  • UKAS reports showing your contribution
  • role in training reflections
  • STP training plans
  • STEM ambassador events
  • funding/grant applications