Your health and wellbeing

Being healthy is not just about your physical health; it is also about nurturing and being aware of your mental health too.


What do we mean by your mental health and wellbeing?

By this we mean your emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. It affects how you think, how you feel and act. It also helps determine how you handle stress, how you relate to others, and how you make choices in your everyday life.

Wellbeing is a very personal experience and will be different for each of us but in the main it refers to a state of happiness, comfort and contentment. There are several factors which can affect how strong your well-being is. For example, your work-life balance, your finances, your geographical location, your relationships are just a few of the things which can impact on your sense of wellbeing. The uncertainties provoked by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have brought about a great deal of uncertainty and change which can make people feel anxious and stressed.

How do I look after my mental health and wellbeing?

One of the key challenges involved in maintaining good mental health and wellbeing is knowing where to go and who to talk to when you feel you need support, and this can sometimes be overwhelming.

There are many sources of support available to you as a trainee if you feel you are not coping or if you are experiencing difficulties. It is always good to have an initial chat with your workplace supervisor to let them know how you are feeling. Your workplace supervisor can advise you, help you and support you. They can also provide you with other sources of support that are available to you. For example, your workplace supervisor may assign you a mentor. This could be a trainee who is further on in the programme.

Additionally, you can also use guidance and help from your Trust’s HR department.

Remember, you also have your university support network and the university’s support services which provide support and advice for all university students who request it. You can also contact the School for support and advice.