Guidance for HSST trainees on exiting the programme

This guidance provides information for HSST trainees on the types of evidence that is required for exiting the programme, the process for exiting the programme and overall completion outcomes.


Once you are ready to exit the programme you must complete certain tasks.

All trainees are eligible to apply to exit from the programme within a 15 month window. This starts 3 months prior to the fifth anniversary of enrolment onto the programme and up to a year afterwards. Time out of training for parental leave (statutory) or other circumstances, agreed via the School’s Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances (EEC) policy, should be accounted for when working out the 15 month window.

You must email the School to let us know that you are ready to exit the programme. When the School receives this email an exit application form will be assigned to your OneFile e-portfolio for completion.

It is your responsibility as the trainee to initiate the certification process which leads to you exiting the programme. When you are ready to begin this process, read this guidance and it will cover:

  • a step-by-step process for exiting
  • types of evidence required to exit