COVID-19: PTP student information

Information for PTP students relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Latest statement

Statement updated on 20th January 2021

Statement about trainees administering the covid vaccine

We have been asked whether healthcare scientists can be asked to administer the Covid-19 vaccine.  The HEE position is that trainee healthcare scientists should not be taken out of training to deliver vaccinations.  They may choose to volunteer during their own time.


Previous statements

Statement updated on 18th November 2020

Clinical placement guidance for PTP students

The DH guidance includes the following statement (sent on behalf of Kevin Moore):

Healthcare students who are on placements are considered essential workers and should therefore remain in their placements until the end of term. They can then travel home for the holidays, following the public health guidance and as per instructions outlined in the section on self-isolation. Many healthcare students on placements will already have access to priority testing.


Statement updated on 20th July 2020

Ending paid HCS work opportunities for year 2 PTP students and reintroducing standard placements and FAQs

We would like to thank all those students who have been able to come forward to support our services over this challenging time. Your valuable contribution supporting patients and clinical teams is hugely appreciated.

At the outset of the pandemic, we committed to supporting students to either continue progressing on their education programme or to complete their studies. We are now looking at the transition back to the standard placements system. We have produced an FAQs document to support how we do this.


Statement updated on 20th March 2020

The School recognises that work placements may be restricted or cancelled due to employers limiting access to Trusts and workplace supervisors required to deliver patient services. Your personal safety is paramount at this time. This may mean that your workplace supervisors and universities are not be able to provide all aspects of your training.

The School is working with universities and regulators to support trainees who are not able to access workplace training at this time. Most universities are providing academic teaching online and implementing where possible alternative assessment methods to help ensure students can progress and complete their programmes.

This is a daily changing picture. Please continue to refer to the FAQs listed below for updates and keep in regular contact with university tutors.


FAQs for PTP students

What will be the impact of COVID-19 on my workplace training and University lectures?

We recognise that in these exceptional circumstances students may not be allowed access to placement workplaces. Employers, trainees, trainers, departments and universities may need to introduce alternative methods of assessment and delivery of lectures. Individuals should follow guidance and information on rescheduling lectures/workshops/placements provided by their university together with that provided by the government by checking websites and emails regularly.

What will be the impact of PTPs on assessments including clinical-practice competence assessments due to Covid-19?

Universities are implementing their own arrangements to manage the delivery of their programmes within this academic year, including online teaching and alternative assessments where appropriate. They should notify students of any changes in the delivery and timing of lectures and assessments. It is important that you regularly check with your university for updated information.

Once the impact of Covid-19 is better understood, further guidance on how universities can support students should be available. The School is taking a pragmatic view of any changes that universities introduce in the short term – this includes the availability and attendance of placements.

How will the cancellation of placements affect completion training portfolios and competencies?

Universities and employers will introduce alternative assessments to ensure students can meet the required learning outcomes for work placements. Over the coming months we will all need to be flexible and consider alternative forms of evidence and opportunities to map to the portfolio competencies and learning outcomes.

What happens if Clinical staff are unable to deliver training or sign off competencies due to illness, self-isolation and /or commitments to clinical service?

The introduction of short-term alternative assessment methods by universities and employers should ensure that students will have sign off for their competencies and assessments. The School will support universities taking a pragmatic view of the introduction of alternative assessment methods to ensure that students are not disadvantaged.

Will COVID-19 stop me from graduating?

Final year students are likely to be very concerned about their ability to graduate. COVID-19 may impact on students’ ability to sit exams and complete portfolios. The School is working with universities and taking a pragmatic view on the introduction of alternative assessment methods and placement provision to ensure that this unprecedented situation does not affect students graduating.

Further information and guidance will be provided to trainees by the School via our website so please continue to visit this page on a regular basis for updates.

Last updated on 30th March 2022