FAQs about the STP online application process

Here are some common questions about the online application for the Scientist Training Programme.


Where do I go to in Oriel to update my sub-preferences?

The example below highlights the location in Oriel where you must go to update your sub-preferences.

Once you have selected your choice(s) by sliding them to the wanted column of the sub-preference page, press save. You can come back and edit this section of the application up until the sub-preference deadline.

When selecting and saving my preferences, the green tick does not appear as I proceed to the next page. Can you confirm my preferences have been saved?

The green tick will not appear when saving your preferences, nor will the preference section be available within your application download. This is because applicants have the ability to reselect their preferences as many times as they like before submitting the application form. If your preference selection has not saved, you will be prevented from submitting your application.

In the application questions, there is a section asking applicants to say how they meet the person specification for the programme.  In the instructions, you tell applicants not to write about their qualifications.  Does this mean I can’t write about anything I have done in university?

What this means is that you should not list or identify your qualifications in the statement.  You have done so elsewhere in your application and they will be evaluated in their own right by the shortlisters.  But you can write about activities associated with your studies, for example your experience of team working or leadership during a university project.

What is the difference between post and post title?

Within the employment history section of the application form, you will be expected to confirm your post and post title.  Your post should be confirmation of ‘current or previous’ job role and your post title should be your job title.