FAQs relating to finance and the STP

These FAQs are about the financial aspect of the STP.


How much will I be paid whilst on the training programme?

During your time on the three year programme you will be salaried at AfC Band 6 per annum. You can find details of the current AfC Bands on the NHS Employers website.

Funding for any additional expenses is entirely a local decision and should be discussed and agreed with the commissioner, and managed by the employer.

Will I have to contribute to the academic tuition fees?

No; the tuition fees for the academic part of the training programme is fully funded.

Is there any additional financial support available, other than the salary?

Funding to support travel and accommodation at university or other events may be available. However such funding is at the discretion of the employer and may be subject to local availability. You should contact the relevant department or Health Education England Local Team for further advice.