FAQs about job opportunities after graduating from the STP

These FAQs contain some common questions about employment after graduating from the programme.


Am I guaranteed a job at the end of my training?

There is no guarantee of employment on completion of the STP.  However, you will be eligible to apply for any suitable clinical scientist posts once you have obtained registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). If you are an in service trainee, your ongoing employment continues as normal.

What type of job might I expect to obtain at the end of my training?

There are a wide range of clinical scientist roles to choose from within any chosen specialism. Your experiences on the STP will help you decide what type of scientific job you may wish to apply for upon completing your training.

Can I obtain professional registration by completing the STP?

You will be eligible to apply for registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) on completion of the STP and on award of the Certificate of Attainment by the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS).

After completing some of the more recent STP specialisms, you are able to apply for an AHCS Certificate of Equivalence. The Award of the Certificate of Equivalence will also make you eligible to apply to the HCPC for registration as a clinical scientist. More information is available about equivalence here.

When I have graduated from the STP will I have a recognised international qualification?

Master’s degrees from a Higher Education Institute are recognised academic qualifications under the European Qualifications Framework and is a component part of the award made on successful completion of the STP.