Guidance for STP 2021 applicants on allocations

Information for STP applicants about how we allocate employers.


How will I be notified of an allocation?

Once shortlisted applicants have been allocated to posts, notification will be released via Oriel.

If you have been allocated a post, you will see the employer and location details. You will then have 48 hours to accept or reject the allocation.

You will receive only one allocation. If this expires or you reject it, you will not be allocated another post. This will be the end of your application for this year. You will not have the option to hold an allocation while you wait for a preferred one; only one post will be available to you.

If you accept the allocation, please wait for the employer to contact you to arrange a date and time for your interview.


Choosing your sub preferences (locations/employers)

All applicants will be asked through Oriel to select your ‘sub preferences’ i.e. your choice of employers and locations, based on the published list of posts available. The example below highlights the location in Oriel where you must go to update your sub-preferences.

Once you have selected your choice(s) by sliding them to the wanted column of the sub-prefence page, press save. You can come back and edit this section of the application up until the sub-preference deadline.

We will assume that you will accept, if offered, a post with any of the employers you have selected in your sub preferences.

Last updated on 31st August 2021