The outcome of your interview

If you are successful and receive an offer, this will appear on Oriel within the ‘offers’ section. Once any offers have been made, your status on Oriel will show as one of the following:

  • Offer made – an offer has been made to you. To view your offer click on the vacancy name in the offers section.
  • Interview complete – you are ‘appointable’ but you have not ranked high enough to be made an offer. If offers made to other applicants are declined/expired, they will be recycled and you may receive an offer.
  • Interview unsuccessful – you have not been made an offer.
Screenshot of the Oriel offers screen

Fig. STP Oriel offers screen

Screenshot of the Oriel offer summary screen

Fig. STP Oriel offer summary screen

Managing your offer

Following your interview, you are advised to check your email (including the spam folder) and your status on Oriel on a regular basis.

You will have 48 hours from the time of your offer (excluding weekends and bank holidays) to decide whether you wish to accept, reject or hold it. If you don’t respond within the 48 hours your offer will be classified as expired.  If you have received multiple offers, you can only accept or hold one offer.

STP Applicant offers guidance 2019

STP Guidance on updating your preferences for offer upgrades 2019

Choosing your preferred locations

If you are successful and are invited to interview or put on the reserves shortlist, you will be asked to choose your preferred locations/employers. You will be asked to log into Oriel and submit your choices by dragging and dropping them into the correct order ie. Your first choice as number 1, second choice as number 2 and third choice as number 3 and so on until all have been sorted.

Opting into upgrades and holding an offer

By opting into upgrades you are agreeing that should one of your higher ranked locations/employers become available, you want the system to automatically upgrade you to this post. Therefore the ranking of your preferred locations is very important, as once you have been upgraded to a post it is not possible for any previous offer to be reinstated.

You will only hold an offer if you have opted into upgrades. If you are not upgraded and receive only the one offer, you must make a decision about that offer before the deadline otherwise you will loose the position.

You are given the option to opt into upgrades in Oriel within the ‘offer information’ screen.

Rejecting an offer

Once you reject an offer this is the end of your application to the programme. However, if you have applied to two specialisms you may still receive an offer for the remaining specialism.

Accepting an offer

If you are successful at interview and receive an offer, you will have 48 hours from the time of your offer to accept it. If you have made multiple applications to the programme and you accept an offer, any other application you have made will be withdrawn and offered to the next suitable candidate.

Important deadlines

Accepting an offer deadline

You have 48 hours from the time of your offer to either accept, reject or hold an offer. If you don’t respond within the 48 hours your offer will be classified as expired.

Hold deadline

Before the hold deadline you must have confirmed any offer you hold as either accepted or declined.

Upgrade deadline

No upgrading of offers will occur after this deadline.

Important dates

Offers issued by:

No later than Tuesday 21 May 2019*

Hold deadline:

Tuesday 28 May 2019 at 13.00

Upgrade deadline:

Thursday 30 May 2019 at 16.00

* Please note that this may be subject to change and we will notify you as soon as possible

Contracts of employment

An offer of training is conditional, therefore you are advised not to resign from your current employment until an unconditional offer of training is received from the respective employer.

Your offer will also be conditional if you have recently finished university and you are waiting for your final degree results.

All offers of training will be subject to satisfactory employment checks (NHS Employment Standards Checks) which will include references, any fitness to practice issues, as well as Disclosure and Barring Services checks and occupational health clearances.

Once an offer has been accepted your details will be sent to the respective employer, who will start their local employment checks. We recommend that you keep in regular contact with the employer to ensure that all checks can be carried out efficiently and effectively.

Feedback on your interview

If you wish to receive feedback about your interview, you can obtain this free of charge by emailing We will respond to your request as quickly as possible but within a maximum period of one month. However, as the feedback requests will not be processed until after the interview outcomes have been released, the response time may be longer. The feedback consists of any comments made by the interview panel members together with your station outcomes. Your total interview score will be available on Oriel at a later date.

When sending your request for feedback, please provide your full name as stated on your application, together with your interview date and specialism(s). You will also have to provide us with proof of identity, which can be a copy of your passport or driving license.

Any requests will be treated as ‘Subject Access Requests (SARS)’ and a fee may be charged. This is in accordance with the existing Data Protection Act guidance; further details of  which can be found on the Health Education England website.