A step-by-step guide to applying for a direct entry STP vacancy

Use this guidance to help you through the different stages of applying for an STP vacancy.


How to apply for an STP vacancy

To apply for a vacancy in the location and specialism you want, you should:

  • Take a look at the STP post information on our website
  • Register and create an account on Oriel
  • Search for your chosen vacancy on Oriel
  • Select the vacancy you want to apply for and click ‘To Apply’

There will be two STP vacancies displayed, one for direct entry and one for in-service. Make sure you select the correct vacancy type for you. If you have not been nominated by your current employer within the NHS, you must apply to the direct entry vacancy. Direct entry applicants cannot apply for the in-service vacancies.

If you are an in-service applicant, you can also apply for a direct entry vacancy. However, if successful in getting a direct entry post, you would have to resign from your current job.

Please remember that you can only make one application per vacancy. If you try to submit more than one application for a single vacancy, you will be removed from the recruitment process.


The application form

You can save and return to your application form as many times as you like, before submitting it.

The application form has initial screening questions. You have to meet the minimum eligibility criteria in order to be able to proceed with the application. You must provide:

  • personal
  • academic
  • work experience
  • general employment
  • equality and diversity data

You may have already provided some of this data, when completing the full registration process. If so, this will auto-populate your application form.

Another part of the application form will be your supporting information. This is where you will need to demonstrate how your skills and experience meet the person specification for the programme. This section of the form will be viewable by shortlisters.

You will be asked to choose your specialism; this is also referred to as your preference. Your location and employer choices are referred to as your ‘sub-preferences’. You will be asked to select your sub-preferences during the sub-preferencing window, which is Monday 29th March to Tuesday 6th April 2021. The example below highlights the location in Oriel where you must go to update your sub-preferences.

Once you have selected your choice(s) by sliding them to the wanted column of the sub-prefence page, press save. You can come back and edit this section of the application up until the sub-preference deadline.

Only applicants who reach this stage of the process, will have to choose their sub-preferences. If you are successful in shortlisting, your sub-preferences, along with your shortlisting rank, will determine the training location to which you are allocated for interview.

Post details may change throughout the recruitment process, so keep checking the STP post information on our website for the latest information. You can find other important deadline dates here.