Guidance about Oriel and how to register as an applicant

All applications to the STP are made through Oriel, the online application portal.


Click here to access Oriel


How to register on Oriel

Click ‘Account Registration’ and create a user account. You can register on Oriel as early as you wish but you will not be able to apply until the application window for the vacancy opens. The date and time of the application window are available here.

When you have registered an account, click ‘Proceed to Applicant Registration’. This will allow you to complete further registration details which will then be used to populate parts of the application form.

Follow the prompts to enter your employment history (which will then automatically populate your application). Oriel requires you to enter an end date for your current employment. If you are in current employment and will need to leave your job to join the programme, enter the date 31 August 2021.


Using Oriel to keep in touch

We use direct messaging in Oriel to contact you about applications in progress. Regularly check your Oriel account to stay informed. We may also use the email address supplied to us, but your main source of information throughout will be Oriel.


Browser requirements for using Oriel

We recommend that you take note of the minimum browser requirements for Oriel.

Browser product Version
BlackBerry >=6
Apple Safari >=7
Google Chrome >=30
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 11
Microsoft Edge all
Mozilla Firefox 24 – 26