Guidance for applicants on STP shortlisting and interviews

Information for applicants on the final stages of recruitment to the STP.


Shortlisting and allocation to interview

Your application goes through a shortlisting panel. They will score it against each of the criteria in the person specification.

The panel members do not have access to your:

  • equal opportunities data
  • fitness to practice data
  • employment history sections of the application form
  • personal data

Applications are then ranked in order of their total score. The highest scoring applicants will then go through to interview. The shortlisting dates are available here.

There will be one allocation to interview per post. There will also be a reserve list in case any shortlisted applicants withdraw.


Shortlisting outcomes

When shortlisting is complete, your status on Oriel will change to one of the following:

  • interview – your application has ranked high enough to be considered for interview. This is not a guarantee of an interview but that you have ranked high enough to be considered. Interviews will be offered based on rank and location choice. Oriel will send separate notifications of any offer of an interview. Before Oriel offers an interview you may notice a status change to interview complete, this is a normal part of the process within Oriel.
  • shortlisted reserve – you may be invited to interview, possibly at short notice, if a candidate in your chosen specialty withdraws or if an applicant allocated to a post is unsuccessful at interview
  • shortlist unsuccessful – your application will not progress any further


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview. Interviews are conducted according to strict guidelines to ensure consistency. You will have only one opportunity of an interview, with a single employer.  Interviews will be conducted online through a video-conferencing platform.


Interview outcome and allocation process

After your interviews you will be contacted by the employer and informed of the outcome. If you are successful, your details will be sent to the employer. This could take up to 4 weeks. They will then start their employment processes.

You will be an employee of the training centre, and you will stay in their employment for the full three years of training. Once your details are sent to your new employer, the School’s involvement ceases.

If you are unsuccessful, you will leave the recruitment process. You will not join the reserve interview list and there will be no opportunity for a further interview with a different employer.


Feedback on your interview

You can obtain interview feedback free of charge by emailing and attaching photographic ID. Feedback consists of interview question responses and any additional comments.

You will receive your feedback within approximately one month. However, we cannot start to process requests until all allocations have been completed.