A step-by-step guide to applying for an in-service STP vacancy

Use this guidance to help you through the different stages of applying for an in-service STP vacancy.


Before starting your application

Make sure you read all the information available relating to the STP application process. Visit our website for guidance on particular aspects, frequently asked questions, person specification, curricula, application deadlines and all other necessary information.

Plan your time. Work out approximately how long it will take you to complete the application form. Take into account that you will need to get feedback from colleagues and that may take time. Try to avoid submitting your application at the last minute. Typically, 60% of applications are submitted in the last 48 hours, which slows the system down due to high volumes of traffic. Under no circumstances will late applications be considered.


Register on Oriel, the online application system

Read through the guidance below on Oriel and how to register. Take a look at the recommended browser requirements for using Oriel. We recommend that you use Google Chrome but you can use other browsers.

Try not to have Oriel open in more than one tab within the browser, as this will cause accidental data changes to be made when saving your details in one of the tabs.


Search for a vacancy

To search for a vacancy you must:

  • Log in to Oriel
  • Click on the vacancies tab and under specialty, select Scientist Training Programme.
  • Next, under post type, select healthcare science.
  • Make sure you select the correct post type as there will be two to choose from; one for direct entry and one for in-service entry. The ‘healthcare science in-service’ tab is for in-service applicants.
  • You will need a code, which will have been sent to your employer, to complete the application form.

Remember, that only applicants already working in the NHS, who have been nominated by their employer with confirmation of a funded post, can apply to an in-service vacancy.


Check the opening and closing dates

Make sure that you are familiar with the important deadline dates and continue to check the website for any updates, as things are subject to change throughout the application process period.


Complete your application

Your application will require details on the following:

  • personal
  • academic
  • work experience
  • employment
  • equality and diversity

You will also be required to complete a set of questions as supporting information to demonstrate your suitability for applying to the programme.

As an in-service applicant, you do not choose a location as you are only eligible to apply for the post that has been sponsored by your current employer. However, you will still be expected to select your preference/scientific specialty, as a part of the application process. Throughout the application, you will be asked to confirm the employing organisation.

You must also email copies of your academic qualifications e.g. your degree certificate to hcsapplicants@hee.nhs.uk  before the closing date.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the ‘Fitness to practise’ questions, please send any supporting information to hcsapplicants@hee.nhs.uk  before the closing date. Make sure that you answer these questions correctly as your application could be rejected if any of the answers are wrong.


What happens next?

You will be accepted on the programme provided:

  • you have satisfactorily completed all sections of the application
  • we accept that you meet the minimum academic requirements
  • your employer confirms to us, that you have undergone a local selection process and that they consider you meet the person specification