Assessment of your IACC submission (2021)

Your IACC 2021 submission will be assessed by a panel of three assessors from your speciality and who are independent of you.


The panel will have access to your OneFile portfolio to verify that the cited evidence is accurate, appropriate and signed off.

The assessors will conduct the interview with you based on your submitted critical reflection and cited evidence.

The assessment panel’s judgement will be based on clear marking criteria developed by the NSHCS in conjunction with the Lead Station Writers. The assessors will make a pass or fail judgement. If the assessors are unable to reach a consensus and a majority decision will be recorded.

An Examination Board will be convened for each of the Healthcare Science divisions comprising, as a minimum, two senior members of the NSHCS, all relevant specialties Lead Station Writers and Lead Assessors or their nominated deputy and a lay representative. Additional members will be co-opted as deemed appropriate.

All relevant data including final judgements within each division will be reviewed and agreed by the relevant Examination Board. The Examination Board will recommend a provisional outcome for each trainee to the Ratification Board for confirmation, after which the results will be released.

The Ratification Board will comprise the Head of School, Head of Assessment, STP Training Programme Directors and an external examiner.

The Examination Board will take place within two weeks of the close of the interview component of the IACC 2021 assessment process. The Ratification Board will take place within two weeks of the Examination Board.

Following the Ratification Board confirmation, you will receive your result and feedback in the form of a Candidate Report that will be sent to your registered email address. It is your responsibility to ensure that the NSHCS has you most up-to-date contact details including your professional email address.

Last updated on 31st August 2021