Completion criteria for the Scientist Training Programme (2021)

This section provides you with information on what you will need to achieve to complete the STP.


Visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) section for the latest information about changes due to the pandemic.


Key completion criteria for the STP 2021

There are four key completion requirements for the STP.

1) Completion of the work-based assessments and competences on the e-portfolio

For 2021 the requirements for completion of the e-portfolio, have been adjusted to take into account of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on training. As a minimum, you must have:

  • 100% completion of the Professional Practice module competencies with a satisfactory outcome
  • 100% completion of the rotation modules assessments (x 1 CBD and x 1 DOPS or OCE per module) and competencies with a satisfactory outcome
  • Two MSF exercises

To give trainees the opportunity to complete as scheduled, completion of the elective module is optional. In a change to requirements for 2020, the second MSF exercise normally required under standard completion conditions has been reinstated.

Guidance is available on the routes to completion of the OneFile e-portfolio.

2) Successful completion of the Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence (IACC)

You will be required to achieve a pass in this assessment. Please refer to the IACC 2021 section for further information and guidance.

3) Successful completion of the Masters (MSc) in Clinical Science

You are required to successfully pass the MSc in Clinical Science. You will be subject to the requirements set out by the individual HEI in completing the MSc in Clinical Science, and according to the curriculum set for the programme for the specialism.

4) A declaration by a HCPC registered Clinical or Biomedical Scientist of the trainee’s scientific specialty competence if the specialist modules are not completed on the e-portfolio

To reflect the overall changes applied to completion of the STP in 2021, it has been necessary to retain the requirement to provide sufficient assurance of a trainee’s fitness to practice, which meets the standards set by the HCPC.

If you are unable to complete the specialist modules, the signature of a HCPC registered Clinical or Biomedical Scientist will be needed because the STP confers eligibility for entry to the HCPC statutory register for Clinical Scientists. If you do not have immediate access to a registered Clinical or Biomedical Scientist, you can follow a process of sign off by your training officer (who should hold professional or voluntary registration) with a counter signature from a HCPC registered Clinical or Biomedical Scientist within the same organisation.


A copy of the complete STP Requirements for Completion Policy (2021) is available below.


A summary of the key changes to STP Completion 2021

Requirement Prior to Covid-19 Following Covid-19
E-portfolio 100% of all competencies and assessments for all modules both for the rotations and the specialist training to a satisfactory level as outlined in the curriculum

Elective and professional practice competencies completed to a satisfactory standard

2 Multi-source Feedback assessments (MSF)

100% completion of competencies and assessments for the rotational modules to a satisfactory standard

100% completion of competencies for the professional practice module to a satisfactory standard

2 Multi-source Feedback assessments (MSF)

Final exit assessment Objective Structured Final Assessment (OSFA) – pass Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence (IACC) – pass
Master’s in Clinical Science (MSc) Pass Pass
Clinical competence Achieved via full completion of the e-portfolio Sign off from a HCPC registered Clinical or Biomedical Scientist or via full completion of the e-portfolio
Registration Via AHCS and to HCPC HCPC

Your certificate of completion

The Certificate of Completion for the Scientist Training Programme (CCSTP) confirms that you have met all the relevant mandatory completion criteria for the programme and that you are fit to practice.

Once you have received your completion certificate, you will be eligible to apply to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) for registration as a Clinical Scientist.


Timescales for receiving your certificate

Once you have successfully completed the mandatory requirements of the STP, you will receive a confirmation of completion email from the week commencing 27/09/2021. The hard copy completion certificate will be sent, as soon as possible, to the address we have on file for you. However, this may be up to 4 – 6 weeks later. Availability of hard copy certificates will be dependent on the national restrictions relating to the pandemic in place at the time of completion. However, electronic copies will be made available if hard copies cannot be provided.

For trainees who are eligible to resit the IACC, have an extension to their MSc or have recorded exceptions, the completion certificate will be awarded when the completion criteria has been met in full. Therefore, the timescales may vary significantly for individual trainees.

For future trainees it is anticipated that similar timescales will be followed.  The completion certificate will be awarded, to the majority of trainees, towards the end of October or early November.


Last updated on 6th September 2021