An overview of work-based training and assessment

Key information for new trainees on assessment and what makes good competency evidence.


Assessment in the workplace

The training that you will complete in the workplace has a significant amount of assessment involved. Each of the various modules that you will work on in the workplace requires you to complete a range of competencies and a small number of observational assessments, which we also refer to as workplace-based assessments.

To be assessed as having achieved a competency, you need to prepare evidence of your competency and submit in your e-portfolio for your Training Officer or another assessor to review and approve.

There are number of different types of workplace-based assessments:

  • Case-based Discussions (CBDs)
  • Observed Clinical Events (OCEs)
  • Direct Observations of Practical Skills (DOPS)

Each of these is live or observational, where your Training Officer or another assessor observes you participating in or performing one of these assessments or events. Workplace-based assessments are also recorded and approved in your e-portfolio.

The vast majority of your workplace-based assessment involves competencies.