How will I learn to use OneFile?

There are a wide range of resources and tactics you can use to become proficient at OneFile.


How-to videos and guidance

For the majority of the key tasks that you need to perform in OneFile there are short individual ‘How-to’ videos. Watch them a few times before you perform those tasks and you’ll be well on your way.

We’ve also published guidance documents that cover some of the key tasks you need to perform. There are also guidance documents for your assessors. If you are submitting work to an assessor who is an infrequent user of OneFile, it is a smart idea to download and share assessor guidance documents with them when you make your submissions.


Getting started in OneFile

One of the ‘How-to’ videos that we have created is this short set of tips about some initial things you should do to set yourself up as a productive user of OneFile. There is also a downloadable guidance document that takes you through these same set-up steps to help you use OneFile productively.