Questions for new STP trainees to ask their employer or university

Use these questions to find out some important information when you start your training.


Questions to ask your new employing department

  • Who is my training officer?
  • What is the mandatory training I need to complete and how do I access this?
  • When and where will my rotations be?
  • What will my hours of work be?
  • When will I take my study time?
  • Could I have a copy of my training plan so that I can start to take ownership of it?
  • Who is the healthcare science lead?
  • Who are the other members of staff in the department that I will be working with?

Questions to ask your university

  • When will I get my timetable?
  • What are the dates I will be attending university?
  • When will my exams take place?
  • Who is my tutor/point of contact at university that I can share with my Training Officer?

Last updated on 31st August 2021