Trainee representatives

Last Updated: 30th October 2020

Trainees are represented on the themed boards. They will be contacting you periodically to get your input on different topics about your training programme.

Themed Boards

The School functions through a series of themed boards and has governance through HEE structures. The themed boards provide expert advice and support for the specialist areas of training across healthcare science.

You can find out more information about the Themed Boards below.

Contacting your trainee representative

Two STP trainees are elected every summer to serve a one-year term.

You can contact your relevant trainee representative about any issue, and they will provide feedback to the School through the Trainee Representative Group and the themed boards.

However for specific questions, concerns or advice you should contact the School at and your query will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Please be assured that all communications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Physiological Sciences – Cardiac Science
Nathan Spectre – Newcastle University and Worcestershire Royal Hospital
Physiological Sciences – Neurophysiology
Arantxa Banares – Aston University and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Life Sciences – Reproductive Science – Embryology
Evangeline Walker – MAHSE Manchester Metropolitan University and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Life Sciences – Genomics
Kerry Bean – MAHSE University of Manchester and Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Physical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering – Radiotherapy Physics
Drew Davie – University of Liverpool and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Physical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering – Clinical Pharmaceutical Science
Emily Plimmer – MAHSE University of Manchester and University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust