Guidance on accessing OneFile portfolios for IACC 2021 assessors

This guidance will help assessors when accessing OneFile portfolios and reviewing cited evidence for the IACC Critical Reflection 2021.


After reading this guidance if you have any queries, please email the NSHCS Digital Servicedesk at


Accessing OneFile portfolios and evidence

1) Navigate to OneFile at  Enter your username and password exactly as supplied to you via email; this will be different to your eNetAssess login details. Make sure the ‘Login area’ is set to ‘Eportfolio’ and then click ‘Login’. If you have an existing OneFile account, we will not supply you with any new details. Your IACC trainees will be added to your existing account.

2) If you are logging in for the first time you will be asked to change your password and then login again.

3) Once you are on your main homepage, scroll about halfway down the page and you will see the ‘Trainee Dashboard’. This is where you will find a listing of each trainee assigned to you.

4) To access a trainee’s submissions and evidence click on the ‘Gap Analysis’ button.

5) To load the full portfolio, select ‘Show All’ and then click ‘Apply’. Make sure all the boxes to the left are ticked.

6) All trainee modules will load. To review a submission or evidence, first refer to the citation in the trainee’s IACC Critical Reflection. If, for instance, the trainee cited ‘SPS100:comp2’, you would first go the module SPS100 and look for Competency 1 down the left side. The left side refers to curriculum references. The codes on the right refer to a submission reference. In the example below, the ‘2’ on the left refers to SPS100, competency 2. ‘COM55’ on the right means the submission in blue is the 55th competency submission that the trainee has made.

7) To access the submission and evidence, click the submission outlined in blue.

8) If the trainee has cited the entire competency or assessment, then you can review all evidence. If there is text-based evidence, it will appear as a block of text at the top of the ‘Evidence’ section.

9) Any evidence files that were uploaded will appear in the ‘Evidence Attachments’ section. If the trainee has cited specific attachments (e.g. SPS100:comp2 -SPS100C2-3.docx) you will find that file here.

10) When you click a file, it will download to your computer. After the assessment period has finished you must delete from your computer, all files you have downloaded from OneFile.

11) To return to the homepage to access further trainee portfolios, click ‘Home’ from any OneFile page.

Last updated on 31st August 2021