IACC 2022 Assessor guidance

This guidance provides assessors with an overview of the IACC, the IACC timeline and guidance about the interview.


IACC 2022 Summer timeline

The IACC 2022 is delivered to required deadlines and key IACC 2022 milestones include:

Action for… Start date End date Action
Trainees Noon 16th July Trainees submit their critical reflective narrative.
Assessors 16th June 2nd July Assessors independently review IACC 2022 critical reflective narrative. Panel meet to plan interview, agree areas for investigation and draft questions.
Assessor panels 4th July 15th July Assessor panels interview trainees including new case-based discussion scenarios. Assessors record judgements independently. Panel meet to agree a consensus outcome recommendation and feedback for each trainee.
Lead assessors 4th July 19th July Lead Assessors are requested to send outcomes and feedback, aligned to the marking criteria, to the School within 48 hours of the interview panel. All results must be received by noon on 21st July 2022. Lead Assessors are expected to attend the Examination Board.
NSHCS, Lead Station Writers, Lead Assessors, Service User Rep(s) and External Examiner(s) 2nd August 4th August Standardisation, verification, examination boards.

Physiological Sciences: 2 August, 13:00 to 16:00

Physical Sciences: 4 August, 09:30 to 12:30

Life Sciences and Clinical Bioinformatics: 4 August, 14:00 to 17:00

NSHCS Head of School, External Examiner(s), Service User Rep(s) 18th August Ratification Board
Trainees 22nd August 26th August IACC 2022 candidate reports sent to trainees, including the outcome and feedback.