Technical requirements for panel members


Support resources for each of these systems, including a video tutorial and user guide are available here.

Critical reflective narrative

The assessor panel members will need to download the trainee’s critical reflective narrative from the e-assessment system, eNetAssess. Login details and a user guide will be emailed to you prior to the release of the narratives. All assessors will have access to every trainee submission in their specialism. Assessors must only access and download the critical reflective narrative of trainees they have been allocated to assess.

E-portfolio evidence

All panel members will be provided with access to the OneFile e-portfolio for each of the trainees they will be assessing. If you have not previously accessed OneFile as a Training Officer or other supervisory role, please email immediately.

Recording feedback

The Lead Assessor will copy the assessor panel agreed outcome and feedback into the e-assessment system by the deadline. A user guide will be emailed to all Lead Assessors. Lead Assessors must only access, write to and submit the assessor feedback template for trainees they have been allocated to assess.

The interview and panel meetings

The assessor panel pre- and post- interview panel meetings and the interview itself will be conducted remotely using the MS Teams digital platform. You will receive separate guidance and support on accessing and navigating the MS Teams platform prior to the assessment. You will need a video and audio enabled laptop or PC and you will need to identify a quiet and private room in which to carry out your assessment.