Accredited Scientific Practice – Upper Physiology (only) programme specification

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Accredited Scientific Practice programme
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Programme details

Programme title ASP in Upper GI Physiology (only)
Programme code APS3-1-6
Outcome awards NSHCS accredited ASP in Upper GI Physiology (only) incorporating:

  1. Completion of work-based training (NSHCS)
  2. Completion of academic content (HEI)
Total credits 30
Programme level 7
Programme length 1 year
Mode(s) of study Work-based with integrated part time academic study
Date of approval 7th December 2018
NSHCS programme fee £870

Programme aim

This ASP aims to provide practitioners with specialist knowledge in upper GI physiology. Practitioners will be proficient in oesophageal manometry, 24hr pH and impedance monitoring, enabling them to practice within a Gastrointestinal Physiology department specialising in upper GI physiology. This course is designed for scientists from other specialisms, nurses and other healthcare professionals who are working in the GI field but have not received formalised training in GI as a specialist area. AGIP support this ASP as a route to accreditation as an independent practitioner to ensure patient safety standards are upheld.


Programme structure

Module code Module title Credits
SPS322 Upper GI Physiology 30
Total credits 30

Learning, training and assessment methods

Learning and training Assessment
Clinical experiential learning
  • Work-based assessments
  • Continuous assessment/feedback on progress and achievement in work-based learning
  • Final assessment
Academic study
  • Academic assessments

Entry requirements

Employer sponsors are responsible for approving the trainee’s enrolment on the programme based on their existing qualifications and experience.

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