Scientist Training Programme – Regulations governing the Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence (2020)

These regulations are for STP trainees taking their final assessment.


The assessment

Trainees are required to submit a narrative of their critical reflection to inform their future role as a safe and competent Clinical Scientist. The critical reflection narrative must adhere to the rules set out in the Requirement for the submission.

Trainees will be required to declare that the narrative submitted is entirely their own work. Trainees are required to achieve a pass in the IACC. Each trainee will receive an IACC Candidate Report with the result from their IACC – the report will include developmental comments.


Assessment outcome

The trainee’s pseudonymised submission will be marked by one trained assessor from the trainee’s specialty and who is independent of the trainee. The Academy for Healthcare Science will sample trainee submissions across all specialties to verify that cited portfolio evidence is accurate and appropriate. The initial sample will be 5% but further sampling may be conducted if required for assurance.

The independent assessor’s judgement will be based on clear marking criteria developed by the School in conjunction with final assessment Lead Station Writers. The assessor will make a pass or fail judgement. They may, in instances where they would benefit from a discussion with an independent moderator to arrive at a judgement, request the School to identify this facilitation.

The School will undertake standardisation to ensure consistency in the application of the marking criteria by the independent assessors to arrive at the outcome. An Examination Board will be convened for each of the Healthcare Science divisions comprising, as a minimum, two senior members from the School, all relevant specialties Lead Station Writers or their nominated deputy and a lay representative. Additional members will be co-opted as deemed appropriate.

All relevant data including final judgements within each division will be reviewed and agreed by the relevant Examination Board in order to recommend the outcome from the IACC for each trainee to the Head of School for ratification. The ratification board will receive and review the recommendations from the division Examination Boards. The panel will comprise the Head of School, Head of Assessment, STP Training Programme Directors and an external examiner.

Trainees not achieving a pass in the IACC will be eligible for two further attempts to demonstrate their readiness to practise, subject to meeting the other programme completion criteria by the published or approved extension date.



All eligible final year trainees are expected to submit their IACC narrative during a two week submission period in July. Details on the timeline periods for submission and release of outcomes will be published on the School’s IACC webpage which will be updated as specific dates are determined.

Post-submission process including marking, verification, moderation and ratification will be undertaken following the closing of the submission window.

Ratified results will be released to trainees, copied to their training officers by mid-August.


End statement

The School, on behalf of Health Education England, is aiming to ensure a fair and defensible independent assessment for final year STP trainees. In the light of experience, the School reserves the right to revise aspects of these regulations to ensure they meet the stated aims and objectives. Trainees will be alerted to any substantial changes affecting their independent assessment in a timely fashion.

Last updated on 13th August 2021

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