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A retrospective analysis investigating the correlation between patients with diastolic dysfunction and diabetes mellitus within a local population

Last updated: 2nd October 2020


Approximately 4.5 million people have diagnosed or suspected T2DM in the UK, which accounts for approximately 6% of the population, a figure that is similar in Merseyside, at 5.8%. Heart failure is a common cardiovascular complication of diabetes with these patients having a 126% increased risk of developing it. Diastolic function of the heart is a measure of left ventricle (LV) relaxation and filling. A correlation has been shown between impaired LV relaxation and metabolic syndrome, which includes an impaired fasting glucose, and can be a pre-cursor for T2DM. This study will specifically look at diastolic function, the relationship with T2DM and related metabolic alterations, as there are a number of mechanisms that may be present in the early stages of LV dysfunction. It is expected that the presence of diastolic dysfunction and T2DM show a positive correlation, but the extent of this is within Merseyside is uncertain. Approximately 50% of patients with heart failure have a preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) from diastolic dysfunction abnormalities and yet questions remain over the effectiveness of recommended treatments for this patient group. (Lay summary as abstract not yet completed)