Guidance for HEIs

Accreditation of academic programmes follows a four-year cycle. New offerings will be scrutinised by an accreditation panel consisting of a Chair, a scientific advisor, a lay/patient representative and a member of the accreditation team.


Becoming an accredited HEI

Once the Higher Education Institution (HEI) has demonstrated that the relevant learning outcomes and quality standards have been met, the programme will be accredited. Annual monitoring will take place, with a formal panel review visit two years into the accreditation period. After the four-year period has ended, re-accreditation will be required.

Programmes for the STP and HSST are commissioned by Health Education England. Undergraduate programmes for the PTP are open Office for Students funded programmes and may in principle be offered by any HEI able to meet the requirements. If you represent an HEI and wish to deliver an undergraduate degree for the PTP, please send an expression of intent together with an accreditation submission to

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Changes to an accredited programme

If you make changes to a programme that has already been accredited by the School, you must inform us as soon as possible.

In particular we need to know about any changes made to:

  • Academic content
  • Teaching methods
  • Admissions
  • Programme management
  • Resources
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment

HEIs will also need to inform us of any changes made to the placement provision for Practitioner Training programmes.

Major changes could result in a re-examination of the accreditation, this would normally involve a desktop review with independent advisors, but in some cases could lead to a panel visit.

Please complete the relevant change notification form for HEIs and email it to


Last updated on 17th August 2020