The room for the panel visit needs to comfortably accommodate the panel (usually three to five in total) and the trust attendees, so that all can actively participate in the discussions without any distractions. It should be a private room where the panel can be conducted behind closed doors. As a minimum, there should be enough table space for the whole panel, with room for note-taking and laptops, and access to a power supply. The trust should determine the maximum number of representatives who will be in the room at any time (usually up to fifteen or so for plenary sessions) and ensure that there is adequate seating. We know there is often a lack of space in a department to accommodate a meeting of this size. If you do not have a suitable room in the department, please arrange for the panel to take place elsewhere on the site: for example, most trusts will have an education centre or suite of meeting rooms.


If possible, please provide the panel with tea/coffee/water throughout the day, and a working lunch. Sometimes the panel arrange to meet with Trainee(s) over lunch, and it would be welcome if lunch is provided for all. If this is not feasible, please ensure the lead officer is aware of this prior to the visit.