Format of the event

Last Updated: 16th June 2021

We ask that representatives of senior management are present, in order to assure the panel that the training is fully supported by the trust.

Private panel meetings

These should take place in a room where the panel will not be disturbed. No member of the trust’s team is invited into these sessions. The purpose of the first private panel meeting is to enable the panel to highlight any areas of particular concern, formalise the agenda and agree who will lead on each area. Subsequent private panel meetings throughout the day enable the panel to confer and agree any further areas of discussion that may be required.

Welcome and introductions

This is the time when the panel, having already formulated the agenda, meet with the trust team. At the invitation of the Chair, all present should introduce themselves, giving their name, job title and brief role in the programme. This should be kept brief, especially if there is a large team and panel. The panel will ask you to sign an attendance record.

Discussion sessions

The panel Chair leads the agenda items and will invite colleagues from the panel to contribute.

Meeting with Trainee(s)

This session is for the panel, Trainee(s) and any observers (not the training team). The purpose is to seek information confidentially from the Trainee(s) about their experience to date and talk through a range of issues such as their current progress, the support they receive, how they raise any concerns and how feedback is provided. The panel will wish to meet all STP or HSST trainees currently in training. If they are not available alternative arrangements may be made to seek their views.

Final private panel meeting

This enables the panel to review the evidence presented and the discussions from the day. At this stage the panel decide whether accreditation can be granted. They will also agree any conditions, recommendations and commendations from the event.

Feedback session

At the end of the panel meeting the panel will give feedback to the trust. This will normally be a clear indication of the outcome – whether or not the department has achieved accreditation, any conditions the panel consider necessary, etc. This will be given with the caveat that a written report will follow, and the panel will review all outcomes during the course of preparing the report.


While the panel chair will endeavour to adhere to the times on the agenda, discussion may sometimes overrun or end ahead of schedule. Timings are given as a guide.

Trust team

All staff who contribute to the delivery of the programme should attend the discussions. They should be given a copy of this guidance and should have access to the relevant documentation. They should be actively encouraged to participate and answer relevant questions.