Outcomes of the visit


The chair will feed back the outcomes of the event to the team.

The outcomes can be:

  • Accredit
  • Decline accreditation

If accreditation is granted, the duration will be five years from the date of the report, or the date on which any conditions are met. Accreditation will be granted, with or without conditions and recommendations.

In the event that accreditation is declined, further discussion will be needed to decide the next steps for the trainees (e.g. withdrawing trainees from the department and moving them elsewhere). Any such decisions will require full discussion between the trust, the commissioners from Health Education England, and the National School of Healthcare Science.



Conditions are actions without which accreditation could not be granted. If the panel decides to accredit your department with conditions, you will be given a date by which the conditions must be met and, if they are not met by the due date, accreditation maybe declined or removed.



Recommendations are actions of changes the panel consider will improve training in your department. They are offered to be helpful to you and your trainees. You are not obliged to follow recommendations, but you should consider them carefully and provide a response to the National School of Healthcare Science.



Where the panel see notably good practice or positive characteristics in the training you offer, they will commend it in the report.