When the report has been agreed by the panel it will be sent to the main contact in the trust, as identified in correspondence. We would prefer this to be the Head of Department. The report should normally be sent to you within four weeks of the visit. In the meantime, whilst the report is being confirmed, the lead from the National School of Healthcare Science will send to the team an email of outcomes, normally within 3 working days of the visit. We ask you to circulate the report in your trust.

As a minimum, we would expect it to be copied to:

  • staff members and trainees who participated in the event
  • your Divisional Director
  • your trust’s Lead Healthcare Scientist
  • your trust’s Learning and Development team

The report will be copied to the local Health Education England Quality and Commissioning team. All accreditation reports are reviewed by the Academy for Healthcare Science, the body that quality assures the National School of Healthcare Science accreditation processes.



If in doubt about any aspect of the accreditation visit, please speak to your contact in the National School of Healthcare Science. If during the day any member of the team is unsure about any question being asked, please seek clarification from the panel.