What happens at the visit?


Aims of the visit

A panel visit should not be seen as a negative for your department. The main aim is to find out all we can about the training you offer. Our panels do not set out to exclude departments from training. We will share best practice, and give advice and guidance where possible.


Spirit of the event

Panel visits are an opportunity to have an open and frank conversation on progress of training and discuss any obstacles that may be preventing a positive training experience. We do not want the event to be adversarial, and you do not need to feel defensive. We appreciate the pressures you are working under to deliver your service. Our only concern is to achieve the best training environment possible.


Pre visit and documentation

Ahead of any visit you will be provided with the name and contact details of the lead member of staff for the event, who will be able to respond to any queries. They will confirm the documentation that will be required to be submitted ahead of the visit, with the associated timescales.