Assessment against the quality standards for STP training

This guidance covers part A of the self-assessment form for STP accreditation.


To complete this part of the form you will need to be familiar with:

  • the structure of the programme
  • the curriculum for the specialty
  • the required rotations
  • the training roles

How to send your evidence

Please email your responses and evidence to Do not embed any documents into the form. We recommend that you email us a compressed (ZIP) file as an attachment.

The evidence normally takes two forms.:

  • for some items we ask for a copy document (e.g. items 1, 2 and 3)
  • for other items we ask for a brief written statement (e.g. evidence item 4)

For your submission, create a document headed with the name of the trust/department and specialty, and set out as simply as possible along these lines:

Oxbridge NHS Trust/Genetics Laboratory/Clinical Bioinformatics (Genomics)

Evidence for accreditation

Item 1: attached, titled ‘1 – structure plans’

Item 2: attached, titled ‘2 – training policy’

Item 3: attached, titled ‘3 – training plan’

Item 4: statement

The department has an overarching quality manual which includes bioinformatics. The quality documents held by the department are as follows:

Follow this example for the remainder of any other evidence you must provide.

Make sure the number in the title matches the item number. You may sometimes submit several documents for a single item. For example, you might want to send for Item 1 a Directorate structure and a Department structure. In that case, label them 1(a) and 1(b).

If, for one of the reasons mentioned in the form, you are exempt from providing a certain piece of information/evidence, please list it as ‘Item 30: exempt’.