AHCS Good Scientific Practice (GSP) Standards

Last updated: 22nd July 2021

Trainees must critically reflect and write a narrative focusing on their clinical competence and readiness to practise as a safe and competent Clinical Scientist.

This must be grounded in the AHCS Good Scientific Practice (GSP) Standards, which underpin the STP and must be referenced to signed-off evidence from their portfolio.

The AHCS GSP standards have been closely mapped to the HCPC Standards of Proficiency for Clinical Scientists and describe the expectations of practice under five principal domains.

Trainees should give equal weighting and emphasis to each principle GSP domain.

Domain 1: Professional Practice

All patients and service users are entitled to good standards of professional practice and probity from Healthcare Science workforce including the observance of professional code of conduct and ethics.

Domain 2: Scientific Practice

Healthcare Scientists are expected to keep their scientific and technical knowledge and skills up to date effectively.

Domain 3: Clinical Practice

Healthcare Scientists are expected to keep their clinical skills up to date and undertake clinical duties appropriate to their role in order to be effective.

Domain 4: Research, Development and Innovation

Undertaking research, development and innovation is a key part of the role of Healthcare Scientists; to support the NHS to address the challenge of meeting the needs of an ageing population, chronic disease, health inequalities and rising public expectations of the NHS.

Domain 5: Clinical Leadership

Patients and service users have a right to expect that Healthcare Science services are delivered efficiently and effectively managed to meet service needs.