Sources of support for trainees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Last updated: 22nd July 2021

Our NHS colleagues are doing extraordinary things in the face of an extraordinary challenge, and so need an extraordinary level of support.

You might be worried about COVID-19 and how it could affect your life. This may include having to stay at home and avoid other people. This might feel difficult or stressful. But there are lots of things you can try that could help your wellbeing.

This is why the NHS nationally and locally has developed a range of wellbeing support to care for, and protect all of our NHS colleagues, whether at the front line or in supporting services.

We encourage you to take immediate advantage of these services.  They can be used in addition to the support available from your own NHS organisations.

Our NHS People - Supporting our people

All NHS staff have access to a range of support from the Our NHS People website:

  • Confidential support by phone – General: 0800 06 96 222 (7am-11pm) or Bereavement: 0300 303 4434 (8am-8pm)
  • Support by text message – Text ‘FRONTLINE’ to 85258 – 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Wellbeing support apps – online peer to peer, team and personal resilience support, including through Silver Cloud, and free mindfulness apps including Unmind, Horizons NHS, Headspace Sleepio and Daylight
  • Guides and bitesize learning – Develop new skills and discover new ways to improve your experience of work with short 10- to 20 minute guides developed by experts.

Download a copy of this NHS Wellbeing poster to display in your department.

NHS Bereavement support

NHS England and NHS Improvement have put together a suite of resources that aim to help you access support during what will be a difficult time for our staff, given the restrictions and changes to normal grieving patterns and processes for staff who come from diverse backgrounds.

NHS Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters is here to help you manage and maintain your mental health, as good mental health makes such a difference. It helps us to relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more.

Every Mind Matters gives you simple and practical advice to get a healthier mind and get more out of life – from how to deal with stress and anxiety, to boosting our mood or sleeping better. It will help you spot the signs of common mental health conditions, get personalised practical self-care tips and information on further support. You’ll also learn about what you can do to help others.

Every Mind Matters has been created by Public Health England, with tips and advice developed with experts and approved by the NHS. It has also been endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners. In January 2020, we teamed up with Heads Up for the biggest weekend in football, the Emirates FA Cup Third Round, to help you discover simple steps to look after your mental health.

It only takes a minute to get started with our short free quiz to create Your Mind Plan with personalised tips and advice.

NHS Practitioner Health

NHS Practitioner Health is supporting the mental health of doctors with a range of free tools and resources.

REACT mental health conversation training for NHS staff

NHS managers, supervisors, and those that care for NHS staff can access free training to help them identify team members that are struggling with their mental health and learn how to confidently initiate a supportive conversation. The free training sessions last up to 90 minutes and are run remotely. Click below to find out more including how to create an account and book a time that’s suitable for you.

Project5 - Free Wellbeing Support Service for our Health/Care Workers

Project5 will give NHS staff access to free one-to-one support sessions with either accredited clinical psychologists, mental health experts or coaches, via an online booking system.

Harley Therapy - Free support sessions

Harley Therapy is offering free therapy sessions for NHS workers from qualified therapists. The sessions cover psychotherapy and counselling.

Frontline 19

Frontline 19 is offering free online wellbeing support sessions with therapists including psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists, to support frontline staff, working in partnership with Helpforce.

Zero Suicide Alliance

Zero Suicide Alliance have launched a training module called Step Up, the module is designed to help give you the skills to help someone who is struggling with isolation and loneliness.

e-Learning for Healthcare - Supervision of COVID-19 displaced or shielding trainees

If you have been affected by the pandemic, see if your supervisor is aware of this course from e-Learning for Healthcare.

For educational supervisors of displaced/ shielding trainees this resource aims to aid, inform and signpost supervisors to key resources as well as define what a displaced/ shielding trainee is and how to recognise if this applies to a trainee. It also aims to help supervisors understand generally how to ensure quality of training and progression while the trainee is displaced as well as how to emotionally support the trainee during their displacement.

e-Learning for Healthcare - Coronavirus programme

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has created a free e-learning package in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is available to all. It includes programmes on mindfulness, and mental health and wellbeing.

STP Buddies on YouTube

STP Buddies are a collective of STP students sharing their experiences of becoming Clinical Scientists. This video talks about training in a pandemic.

Join a healthcare science virtual staff common room

The Staff Common Rooms are a safe and supportive environment hosted by an experienced and approved practitioner.

Download a copy of the information poster.