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Professor Berne Ferry

Berne is the Head of School at the National School of Healthcare Science and has been since April 2017.

Her background is as a consultant clinical scientist and clinical lead of the Clinical Laboratory Immunology service at the Oxford University Hospital Trust (OUH). She was also the Lead Scientist in the Oxford University Hospitals Trust from 2012 till 2017.

Berne’s first degree was in Immunology where she was one of the first students on the pioneering new BSc in Immunology at Glasgow University. She obtained her PhD in cancer research from Nottingham University, followed by two postdoctoral positions, one at the University of Helsinki and one at the University of Oxford. In 1987, she was awarded a competitive Unilever Junior research fellow at Green College, University of Oxford (which become Green Templeton College.)

From 1989-1994 Berne was a senior lecturer at Brunel University where she ran the MSc in Immunology and established a new master’s degree in Medical Genetics and Immunology. In 1994, Berne returned to Oxford to take up her position as a consultant clinical scientist at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Trust.

Berne has over 60 peer reviewed published papers and has lectured/spoken in the USA, Czech Republic, UK, Australia, and Scandinavia at conferences and on invited visits.

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Last updated on 9th March 2022

A photo of Professor Berne Ferry