What support is available for trainees?

Information and guidance for current trainees about their main sources of support while on their training programme.

  • Your main sources of support during training

    If you are seeking support during your training, it can be a confusing and overwhelming picture if you aren’t sure where to turn. Here you will find details on the recommended approaches and the organisations/teams who are available to offer help, support and advice when it is needed.

  • How the School supports you during your training

    We are committed to providing support to trainees and education providers in delivering and completing the training successfully.

  • Who will support me at my workplace?

    You will work with a variety of people during your training who will have specific roles and responsibilities to facilitate your learning and enable you to complete your training successfully.

  • Getting support at your University

    All trainees on the STP or HSST are enrolled as students for the academic award associated with the programme and can access the support services the Universities provide.

  • Where else can I go for help and advice?

    Here are some alternate sources of support for you to access during your training.

  • Training support FAQs for STP trainees

    Here are the answers to some finance and personal circumstances questions relevant to STP trainees.


Take good care of your health and wellbeing

Some valuable tips and advice to help you take care of yourself during your training.


Guidance and resources for trainees

A variety of guidance and resources to help you with all aspects of your training.

  • Drop-in sessions

    Find out about our drop-in sessions and see what sessions are currently available.