Using the Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances policy to apply for an extension of time

Trainees can apply for an extension of time via the EEC policy when circumstances affect their ability to continue training.


If you feel that your ability to complete the required training activities has been significantly affected, you can apply for an extension of time via the Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances policy. The policy allows you to apply for changes to your training programme. This could include:

  • additional time to complete the training
  • deferral of training
  • step off training
  • a career break

If you require assistance in completing the application form or require further advice about the policy process, please contact either:

  • your training officer/lead or Head of Department
  • National School of Healthcare Science on or 0121 695 2311

The form, together with any evidence you wish to be considered, must be submitted a minimum of 5 working days prior to the training management panel date.