What does the Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances policy cover and not cover?

Details about what the EEC policy can be used for when trainees are in difficulty.


What does the EEC option cover?

The EEC option covers items such as:

  • hospitalisation
  • mental or physical illness (usually in excess of 3 months)
  • bereavement
  • unexpected carer responsibilities
  • sudden return home (abroad) following a family emergency
  • training delivery/capacity or quality issues within the host department

Examples and details of the types of evidence that can be provided are available in the guidance for trainees below.


What does the EEC option not cover?

The EEC option does not cover:

  • a trainee’s failure to organise their time appropriately
  • circumstances for which trainees have had ample opportunity to plan
  • technical failures of computers/equipment
  • negligence or carelessness on the part of the trainee
  • circumstances not disclosed at the appropriate time (unless you were unable to do so e.g. due to hospitalisation)
  • maternity/ paternity, parental or adoption leave