Privacy policy

The National School of Healthcare Science is part of NHS England.


Our privacy policy

The principles and practices that we adopt for using and protecting personal data are detailed in the NHS England (NHSE) privacy policy.

The NHSE privacy policy governs and details how the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) will use and protect any information about you:

  • that we collect and collate when you participate in any NSHCS/NHS sponsored training programme
  • that you give to us
  • that we collate when you visit this website
  • that we collect when you undertake employment with us

Key privacy commitments

We will always be honest and clear about what information we hold about you and why we request and use any personal information.

We will always be honest and clear about why we are asking you for personal information and we will only ever use that information for the purposes for which it was provided.

We will always be clear with our trainees about what data about them that we share with other organisations involved in the delivery of their training programme and we will always ask our trainees for their consent to this data sharing via Memoranda of Understanding that trainees are asked to sign up to at the beginning of their training programme.

Last updated on 18th December 2023