Training management panel dates for EEC requests

Trainees must be aware of these dates if they wish to submit a request for an extension to their training.


Panel dates for 2023

*Applications must be submitted by midnight on the individual submission date.

Panel date Latest submission date* Likely outcome date
Wednesday 1st February Sunday 22nd January Wednesday 8th February
Wednesday 1st March Sunday 19th February Wednesday 8th March
Wednesday 5th April Sunday 26th March Wednesday 12th April
Wednesday 3rd May Sunday 23rd April Wednesday 10th May
Wednesday 7th June Thursday 25th May Wednesday 14th June
Wednesday 5th July Sunday 25th June Wednesday 12th July
Wednesday 2nd August Sunday 23rd July Wednesday 9th August
Wednesday 6th September Thursday 24th August Wednesday 13th September
Wednesday 4th October Sunday 24th September Wednesday 11th October
Wednesday 1st November Sunday 22nd October Wednesday 8th November
Wednesday 6th December Sunday 26th November Wednesday 13th December