How the School will support you during your time on the programme

We are committed to providing support to trainees and education providers in delivering and completing the training successfully.


How we can help you

The School will provide advice and support to trainees and training departments and endeavours to deliver this, where possible, within our remit.

We provide a wide range of services including:

  • curriculum content
  • assessment
  • education
  • digital systems
  • quality management of training

We offer professional support and guidance for trainees and training officers who may be experiencing issues or challenges by providing advice, offering a framework of policies and processes to support changes to training and signposting to support resources.

Whilst we are unable to offer counselling, clinical or mediation services, we will sign post you to the most appropriate resources that can offer this support for people’s health and wellbeing or to whoever can help address professional relationship issues or other employment or education related concerns.

Support requirements vary depending on the situation and maybe resolved by advice provided via email exchanges. Whereas some circumstances may be more complex and require liaison with a range of stakeholders, to confirm sufficient training support is provided and issues are resolved wherever possible.

We will help trainees in the following ways:

  • confidential advice and signposting for trainees and training officers through 1-2-1 meetings or joint meetings to discuss issues/concerns
  • the School website contains a wealth of information for both trainees and training departments to utilise
  • collaboration across different education providers, commissioning organisations
  • deferrals due to ill health​
  • extensions​
  • interruptions or step off due to service provision issues
  • career breaks​
  • progression monitoring processes
  • transfers of training to alternative training providers (by exception only)
  • webinars
  • drop in sessions

If either a trainee or training officer have any concerns and wish to raise their concerns with us, please email Emails will be treated in confidence and are managed by a small number of staff in the School.

We will continue to work with trainees, departments, and other stakeholders to develop and communicate our services on an ongoing basis.


What policies are available to help me if I need to make a change to my training?

The two main policies that may be able to help you if you are experiencing problems are:

  • Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances policy
  • Transfer of Training policy

The full policy document and accompanying application form are available below, together with further guidance on applying for an extension of time.

publications pages

What are the roles and responsibilities of the School?

We have a number of roles and responsibilities, that we will perform during your time on the programme:

Assessment – Including provision and management of the e-portfolio as well as the delivery of the final exit assessment.

Review of progression

Completion of training – Including guidance on completion requirements and issuing the certificate of completion.

Accreditation – Assessment and approval of the quality of training provision from both work based and academic education providers.

Curriculum management

Scientific advice – Via the School’s scientists and Training Programme Directors.

Education of the educators – Via the Train the Trainer programme and e-learning programmes

Communications on healthcare science matters – Via Berne’s Blog, twitter, School’s newsletter and website. Also through setting up networks with trainees and education providers.

Research – On healthcare science education, impact of the training programmes and a wide range of other areas to be determined.

Last updated on 14th September 2021