Who will support me at my workplace?

You will work with a variety of people during your training who will have specific roles and responsibilities to facilitate your learning and enable you to complete your training successfully.


The workplace roles

Training Officer/Supervisor

Your Training Officer/Supervisor has overall responsibility for supporting you throughout your training. They will seek to ensure that the conditions are in place to enable you to be successful and have a good training experience. From them you will receive:

  • educational supervision including supporting the development and management of your training plan
  • mentoring and pastoral support
  • facilitation – providing access to training opportunities including your rotations if on the STP
  • assessment and feedback

Rotation Supervisor (STP only)

A supervisor will oversee individual rotational modules. If you are away from your host department for a period of time, for example on rotation, a local supervisor will be identified by the head of department and/or the training officer. The local supervisor will undertake the support role for you while you are within their department.

Training Co-ordinator

Training co-ordinators have oversight over a group of trainees across a number of organisations, for a particular specialism or specialisms. Where this role exists the training co-ordinator will be identified by the host department. Similar to training officers/supervisors, training co-ordinators will have the ability to view their trainees’ progress within their e-portfolios.

Assessors, Raters and Reviewers

Assessors are responsible for assessing the performance of trainees undertaking the various work-based assessments (DOPS, CBDs, OCEs). Raters are nominated by the trainee to complete a Multi-Source Feedback assessment of the trainee. Reviewers will assess and sign off evidence you provide.

Human Resources and Occupational Health

As employees of the host organisation, STP and HSST trainees should be able to access the work based support services that provide advice on employment or health and well being matters for all members of staff. There are a wide range of circumstances where you might wish to engage their support. These could include but are not limited to – sickness absence, conduct or capability (that of self or others), bereavement, carer responsibilities or any other matter that you believe is impacting on your employment, training or health and well being. You should refer to your local employment policies to determine when it might be appropriate to access these services.

Occupational Health services are particularly important if trainees are experiencing issues with their mental health but will also advise your employer regarding the impact of any other circumstances which are affecting your ability to come to and remain at work. The services are designed to explore with the individual the barriers to attending work and to make recommendations on any reasonable adjustments which may be needed to support and improve your circumstances where possible.

Graphic showing who will support an STP trainee in the workplace

Graphic showing who will support an STP trainee in the workplace


Contact a 'Freedom to Speak Up Guardian' for support

Freedom to Speak Up is about encouraging a positive culture where people feel they can speak up and their voices will be heard, and their suggestions acted upon.

Freedom to Speak Up Guardians support workers to speak up when they feel that they are unable to do so by other routes. They ensure that people who speak up are thanked, that the issues they raise are responded to, and make sure that the person speaking up receives feedback on the actions taken. The role of Freedom to Speak Up Guardians and the National Guardian were established in 2016 following the events at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and recommendations from Sir Robert Francis’ Freedom to Speak Up Inquiry.


About your training funding

Your training is funded by the relevant NHS education commissioner for your country (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Your employer is responsible for ensuring that the funding received is available to you to contribute to your training including any non pay activities such as travel and accommodation requirements for your academic programme or other educational opportunities.

We do not manage any financial aspect of the programme currently and therefore will refer any queries to the relevant commissioner or employer. For trainees not funded by the NHS then all financial matters should be referred to your employer in the first instance.

Last updated on 3rd April 2024