Healthcare science self-care handbook

This handbook highlights a range of self-care ideas to help you throughout your training.


Healthcare science training is full on with a degree, university lectures, assignments, assessments and clinical and work-based learning – there is little time left for yourself. Understanding the importance of self-care amidst your busy study schedule, family and social life is a good way to ensure you finish your programme without feeling too wiped out.

Knowing where to access help – either through your employer and training supervisor/officer, university student support services, the National School of Healthcare Science, family and friends, or online support groups – is part of self-care. A good example of online support can be found at Every Mind Matters.

Read through the different definitions of how learners view self-care, highlighting how we all have our own idea of what self-care means to us. We all have our own interests; some are hobbies that we share with others, and some are more individual. And even if you don’t yet know what works best for you, this guide will help give you ideas for what to do during downtime. It is not an exhaustive list, so add your own thoughts to the list below and it will serve as a reminder of what you can do if you ever feel stuck for ideas.

This handbook is based on the ‘Student Nurse self-care handbook’ produced by the CapitalNurse programme which is funded by Health Education England.