STP progression monitoring

All trainees commencing on the STP from 2023 onwards are subject to a new process to monitor their progress.


This new process will replace the Midterm Review of Progression (MRP) which has run since 2017. The final group of trainees to be subject to the MRP started the programme in 2022 and should refer to the guidance below.


Progression monitoring is an important part of the National School of Healthcare Science role as it enables us:

  • to ensure that trainees receive an independent evaluation of their progression
  • to give confidence to trainees, Training Officers, commissioners and regulators that training is being monitored providing an independent marker of progression
  • to offer trainees, Training Officers and the universities an opportunity to alert the School to any concerns, issues or barriers to progression

As part of the implementation of the new curriculum for the Scientist Training Programme (STP) and following a number of years of experience in supporting the progression of trainees, the School has determined that progression monitoring should be updated with the aim to:

  1. Reflect the structure and requirements of the new curriculum.
  2. Provide a more timely review of progression – with the reviews coming earlier in the programme and more often.
  3. Reduce inefficiencies in the process – the process will be largely data-driven with sbstantive issues reported by exception.
  4. Target the support resources available in the School to the trainees who need it.

The STP curriculum

The latest version of the STP curriculum was introduced for most specialties in September 2022. Details of the structure, purpose and approach is available on the School website.

It is important that trainees and Training Officers ensure they are familiar with the curriculum in order to meet the requirements of the programme.


Last updated on 1st May 2024