How to guidance and videos for STP/ PTP/ ETP/ ASP trainees using OneFile

Get help with some of the common tasks in OneFile.


'How to' videos for OneFile

Click on the link below for the ‘OneFile for STP, PTP, ETP, ASP trainees’ playlist in YouTube. In the playlist you will find help with tasks such as:

  • getting started with OneFile
  • nominating an assessor
  • creating a training plan
  • using the evidence library
  • receiving and responding to feedback

Some of the language used around the work-based assessments has been updated since these videos were recorded. Competencies are now called ‘training activities’ and OCEs are now ‘Observed Communication Events’.  We have also published standards for carrying out work-based assessments.

external pages

Guidance on common tasks in OneFile

These publications contain guidance about common tasks in OneFile.



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Last updated on 13th March 2024