OneFile FAQs for training officers and assessors

Here you will find some frequently asked questions for training officers and assessors about OneFile.

I don’t have a OneFile account but need to assess or supervise a trainee. How do I get access?

Supervisor and assessor access is trainee-led.  Please ask the trainee to send us a ‘Request New Training Officer/Supervisor’ form located in their portfolio. If you are only going to assess one or two submissions, please ask them to go through the assessor nomination process within their submission.

How do I unlock a trainee’s submission?

Watch this short video about unlocking a trainee’s submission or read the guidance notes.

A trainee has submitted work for me to sign off, but it doesn’t appear in my task list.

You most likely have two accounts. This may have happened with multiple trainees nominating you to sign off work before you had a chance to activate either account. Please contact the Service Desk on and we can merge your accounts.

I am a trainer who also has an HSST Trainee account. Can I link my two accounts together?

Yes, you can link your two accounts together. Watch this short video which explains what you need to do.



Need further support? Submit a request to our help desk at

Last updated on 5th December 2023