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Regional trainee networks

Information and contact details for all the STP regional trainee networks.

East of England Trainee Network

The aims of the East of England Healthcare Science Trainee Network are:

  • to facilitate communication between trainees and the School
  • to organise events to help trainees complete Professional Practice competencies
  • to promote the STP within and outside the NHS, and to be a vocal advocate for trainees
  • to provide support for trainees, especially for those at smaller hospitals or those in smaller specialisms

There are four board meetings a year, to which all involved in the STP and HSST are welcome. Each training department is encouraged to send a representative to the board meeting. We also hold workshops and social events. Please see our website or email us for more information, and join by registering here.

Contact details

For further information please email co-chairs Isobel Turbin or  Adriana Toutoudaki.




Twitter: @EoEHSTN

East Midlands Healthcare Science Trainee Network

All healthcare scientist trainees are invited to participate in the network group. Trainees can contribute by saying what’s is good or bad about their training, suggest ideas for events or give feedback on events they have attended.

Contact details

For further information please contact Lauren Roberts, Network Chair at

Kent Trainee Network

This trainee network is across the EKHUFT and MTW trusts. It is a small network of all specialisms and training routes, which has regular social and educational meetings.

Contact details

Please email Emma Ince for further information.

London Healthcare Science Trainee Network

The London Healthcare Science Trainee Network offers support to PTP and STP trainees across London. The network aims to enable London PTP and STP trainees to:

  • be a part of a community of healthcare science trainees
  • create and build connections with other healthcare science trainees and professionals
  • promote healthcare science within the NHS and to the public
  • access additional training support
  • share placement experiences

The network aims to hold quarterly events including an annual welcome event for new trainees and also hosts monthly social events for all London trainees. The London Network is a network for trainees run by trainees. Elections for the Network Board are held each June.

Contact details

Please email or visit the website for further information. Stay up to date with the latest news by joining the mailing list.

Sub London Network (Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex)

This network is for STP trainees within the Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex area. We remain part of the wider London Network but meet more locally and regularly for trainees living outside of the London area. We currently meet on a monthly basis at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. During these sessions we aim to cover the requirements to support the completion of as many of the professional practice competencies throughout the year as possible as well as additional content and networking opportunities to support your professional development in general.

Contact details

Please email for further information.

North East Science Trainee Network

The North East Scientist Training Network wishes to support all their STP trainees as much as possible and organises the following regular events each year.

  • December – Training Feedback Session
  • January – Healthcare Science Open Day
  • May – Training Feedback Session/Elective Presentation Events
  • September – STP Scientific Paper Presentation Competition

At each of the above events STP trainees get the opportunity to meet other trainees in different fields and different years. Consequently a number of informal networks have emerged which result in STP trainees meeting socially and as part of relevant journal clubs. All HENE STP trainees are aware of the informal networks and can be contacted directly for further information.

Contact details

Please email Katie Marshall for further information.

North West Trainee Network

The North West Trainee Network has been set up to support, develop and promote all healthcare science trainees and junior staff from all healthcare science specialisms across the North West. It is a dedicated group of trainees that provides all trainees with a voice across the strategies landscape locally and nationally. Aims of the network include:

  • to create an innovative healthcare science workforce delivering safe, high quality patient care
  • to support, promote and consult with and enable all healthcare science trainees across the North West

Contact details

Please email for further information.

Oxford and Thames Valley Trainee Network

The Oxford and Thames Valley Healthcare Science Trainee Network is a trainee-run network for trainee healthcare scientists from Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. We hold monthly meetings which consist of talks from respectable guest speakers and presentations from our trainees. We also have a few outreach programmes throughout the year.

Contact details

Please email or visit the website for further information.

Twitter: @HCScience_Ox

South West Trainee Network

As a network we aim to provide a voice to the trainees within the South West and feedback regional related HCS training matters to Health Education South West and Trainee Representative Group at the School. Among other things, we aim to identify issues as well as positive aspects within all healthcare science training pathways and utilise this information to improve the experience for you. The network will provide a place to communicate with other trainees in the South West, both within and between specialisms. In addition, the network will provide useful resources for trainees e.g. a new trainee’s survival guide, research ideas and elective help.

Why be a part of the South West trainee network?

  • it provides a hub to ask questions and gain advice or support
  • to establish shared ownership – we want your ideas and for you to be involved
  • be involved in the organisation of and participation at events that will be beneficial for many aspects of your training
  • a way of meeting new people within and between different specialism and NHS trusts

We hope to put on a variety of events throughout the year which are accessible and useful for everyone including: new trainee events, networking and elective and research events. In addition we want to me more involved with STEM events as a network. We have moved many events online now to adapt to the current pandemic working so that we can continue to deliver these. Please get in touch if there is information on events that you would like to disseminate out to other STP users in the area such as STEM/University careers/professional discipline-wide event.

Contact details

Please email for further information and to be added to the mailing list for information on training and events.

Wales Trainee Network

We are a small group of STP trainees that are training in all parts of Wales! We want to connect, represent and champion our healthcare science trainees here in Wales. As a trainee-led network we are looking for STP trainees (from all years) to take on leading and organisational roles to support the running of the network. This is a fantastic opportunity to build connections, develop skills and achieve STP competencies. These roles include, but are not exclusive to:

  • communications (running online pages and accounts)
  • sponsorship/funding management
  • organising network meetings (e.g. discussing current issues in Wales to take to board meetings, elective opportunities etc.)
  • peer training

If you want to get involved in leading the network, or want to connect with other trainees in our region, please contact us on our platforms below.

Contact details

Please email or the email the Chair for further details.

Twitter: @WHCSTN


Wessex Trainee Network

The aims of the network are:

  • showcase trainee scientists in the Wessex region
  • ensure that each Trust is aware of us, our role and our different training schemes, so that in the future we will be considered in decisions regarding funding, secondments, services etc
  • promote education and conference attendance
  • share ideas, create projects and get involved
  • unite scientists within the wider healthcare organisation

Very importantly, socialise and support each other. We realise that moving for the respective training schemes can mean moving to an entirely different location. A location where you might know no one and be far from home. If all you want to gain from this network is to be welcomed by a friendly face, we can provide that.

We want to develop material to support you, such as useful contacts and links, examples of research projects and electives and information on accessing events to develop scientific and professional skills. Moreover we want to ensure the wellbeing of every scientist undergoing training through the School.

Contact details

Please email or visit the website for further information.

West Midlands Trainee Network

The West Midlands Healthcare Scientist Trainee Network (HCSTN) aims to support STP trainees throughout their training and hosts regular networking events including:

  • welcome event for new STP trainees
  • professional practice event
  • New Year / spring networking day

These sessions give trainees the chance to network across STP specialisms, as well as the opportunity to showcase their electives and MSc Research Projects.  Guest speakers at events include Chief Scientific Officer Professor Sue Hill and Head of the NSHCS Professor Berne Ferry.

Contact details

Please email for further information.

Twitter: @WestMidsHCSTN

Yorkshire and Humber Trainee Network

The Yorkshire and Humber Healthcare Science Trainee Network has been set up to increase the multidisciplinary networking of students in the region. The board is a dedicated group of trainees that aim to provide representation, opportunities for development, support and advice for all healthcare science trainees (PTP and STP), of all specialisms, in all years across Yorkshire and Humber. The Trainee Network Board’s vision is to promote and increase awareness of healthcare science and the training programmes to trainees, trainers and NHS Trusts across Yorkshire and Humber. So, if you are a healthcare science trainee in the Yorkshire and Humber region, then visit our website for more details, and sign up via the website to receive updates and information about future events.

Contact details

Please email or visit the FutureNHS website for further information.

Twitter: @YH_HSTN


Other network groups

BAME Scientist Trainee Network

The BAME Scientist Trainee Network is a team of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic trainees (BAME) and allies working together to identify areas for change and drive improvement. This network offers a space for sharing experience and facilitating learning and development.

The BAME Scientist Trainee Network was developed following the publication of our Open letter to the School published in July. We aim to influence organisational strategy and policy changes directed at improving the experiences of BAME trainees throughout their STP training. We work to create a multicultural, compassionate and respectful environment that enables BAME trainees to fulfil their calling of providing outstanding professional care for patients. We understand that misconceptions based on race in healthcare can lead to significant negative outcomes for patients. We are therefore wholly committed to the development of a diverse and antiracist STP trainee workforce through lobbying for crucial changes to the healthcare science curriculum. We believe this will bring us close to improved outcomes for the patients we serve and potentially save lives.

We encourage all STPs to follow us on Twitter and sign up to our mailing list. Alternatively, you can email us at the address below.

Contact details

Twitter: @bame_STN

Mailing list:


Mature Trainees, Parents and Carers Network

The Mature Trainees, Parents and Carers (MTPC) Network has been set up to provide a safe space for Scientist Programme Trainees who are mature, parents or who have caring responsibilities. The network’s primary goal is to offer a support network to other trainees who may feel the strain of extra responsibilities whilst studying and working, whether it be difficulty balancing parenting whilst participating in a busy training programme or because of everyday stresses, which unfortunately often come regularly with being older. Members may also have reservations around returning to academic or work-based training after careers in other disciplines.

The network has been set up after a gap was identified in trainee networks specifically for mature trainees, parents and carers and we hope to engage with current and future cohorts of trainees. By focussing on networking and social interaction, we hope that trainees can establish friendships and support groups within the network which provides a “You are not alone” feel.

A mature student is classed as anyone studying a postgraduate degree over the age of 25, however, we realise that parents and carers exist in all age groups and we therefore welcome anyone who would like to join the network.

The network will be guided by members to ensure it is providing content and support which is useful and utilised.

Click this link to join the network.

Contact details

Twitter: @MTPC_Network



Trainee representative group (TRG)

We developed the Trainee Representative Group (TRG) to provide a platform for better communication between the School and healthcare science trainees. Each region sends a trainee representative to the TRG meetings.

The TRG aims to collect feedback from these regions to raise at themed boards, Healthcare Science Implementation Network Group and other meetings.

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