Multi-source feedback (MSF)

Trainees on the Scientist Training Programme are required to initiate two Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) assessments during their training.


The first at around the 18-month point of training and the second at around the 30-month point, although there’s no limit to the number of MSFs a trainee can undertake. Trainees are free to begin an MSF whenever they like, the School won’t request a specific time when one should start.


Agilio Feedback

Agilio Feedback (formerly Clarity Feedback) is the service that we use to enable you to conduct your MSF assessments. To access the service you must first register with Agilio.


Guidance to help you with common MSF tasks

Use these short guides to help you perform some of the common multi-source feedback tasks on Agilio.


What should I do if I work in a small department with 6 people or less - is this sufficient for the MSF?

MSF is much more valuable if it comes from people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. We advise gathering views from a broad multi-disciplinary group, asking people that you have worked with in other departments/areas. Include individuals who you have worked alongside in your rotations and try to include other colleagues, not just Clinical/Healthcare Scientists. We suggest aiming for 12 responses to provide a good all-round view of your strengths and challenges.

Last updated on 13th April 2022